The First Baptist Church in America is affiliated with the American Baptist Churches of Rhode Island (ABCORI) and the American Baptist Churches/USA (ABCUSA). The church actively supports the Rhode Island State Council of Churches, the National Council of Churches, the World Baptist Alliance, and the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty.

Our involvement in ABCORI has been substantial as we have two past presidents in our membership along with others who have served on the annual program committee, the board of directors of the Baptist Heritage Center, Missions Committee, Investment Committee, task force on the region’s future, Standing Committee on the Ministry, the last search committee for an executive minister, Executive Minister’s Relations Committee, Stewardship and Administration Committee, ABCORI appointees to the Finance Committee and the Governing Board of the Rhode Island State Council of Churches. One of our members served as a legal counsel to ABCORI for a number of years.

2 Responses to Affiliations

  1. Charles E. Miller, Jr. BA, MAR, DipBS, Abschlussurkunde in Biblische Studien says:

    I am a former Southern Baptist Deacon ,and my wife and I are members of a United Methodist Church in Chesapeake, Virginia. I have also been a member of the American Baptist Churches, USA. I hope my wife and I can one day visit the first Baptist in America, founded by Roger Williams who was a great man. I call myself a one point Calvinist, i.e., I believe in the Eternal Security of the believer. May God bless your ministry and your church. Southern Baptist Churches have become too charismatic in the South. That is truly a shame.


  2. PastorDan says:

    I hear you Charles. Come and see us sometime! Br’er Dan

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