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September 14 Forum.

Come Sunday morning at 10 and hear from the children who went to Canonicus this summer. You will be inspired.

Rally Day Pictures


2014-09-07 12.29.03

2014-09-07 12.29.55

2014-09-07 12.29.33

Spirituality Groups

Small groups will begin the week of September 7. Contact Linda Bausserman, Associate Pastor for more information.

LaRomana DR Mission Trip

Plans are underway for a mission trip to LaRomana January 3 – 10. For more information contact Susan Lepore.

Choir Concert

The choir will be in concert on Sunday, September 14 at 3 PM at the Warren Baptist Church. They are celebrating their 250th Anniversary.

Sacred Spaces of New England

The church is included on the Sacred Spaces of New England website. It includes a beautiful panorama of the Auditorium.

Christian Mountain Children’s Home Choir

On July 22nd the Taiwan Aborigine Choir stopped by the meeting house for a tour. Most of the members of the choir are from the aborigine peoples in the highlands and all the children are orphans. Following the tour, they gave a brief concert.
Watch a short video of the impromtu concert.

Summer at Camp Canonicus






23 refugee children from Eritrea, Kenya and the Congo have been able to spend a week at Canonicus this summer because of your generosity. The children ran in the fields, played in the lake, sang by the campfire, made new friends and learned about God. Your actions, told them, that they matter. I’m sorry you didn’t get the hugs of appreciation that I received. They were warm and heartfelt. I heard about amazing cannonballs, passing swimming tests, having the courage to stand in water that was waste deep. I heard about a snake that made one of the boys, “scream like a girl” and a rabbit that allowed one child to touch it. I saw nervous kids arrive and kids in tears when it was time to go home. You will hear more stories at a forum in the fall.

The Fourth Sunday of the Month

Bring your nonperishable food items to church any Sunday, they will be presented on the fourth Sunday of the month for the Providence Intown Church Association Food Pantry.


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