In addition to the regular Sunday activities, business and committee meetings, many church members (frequently with invited guests) attend and/or take part in the following activities. These are open to everyone, and while they are coordinated through church channels, they are not part of any formal structure.

 “Friday Seekers” generally meets once a month for fellowship and discussion on subjects of interest which include Christian affairs, travel, some aspect of culture, current events, books, movies, and so forth. It is a “pot-luck” occasion and usually meets at someone’s home. The average attendance is about 15 to 25.

 Informal lay-led Bible studies have been held on a weekly basis for many years. These have remained small but are recognized by many members as a significant part of our church life.

 Growing from an occasional study group about five years ago, now two small groups meet weekly to consider matters of spirituality. These are led by a layperson who is a certified spiritual director.