Sunday Forum is held at 10:00 AM in Fellowship Hall. Those who come to take part in the Adult Forum (which is in the hour prior to worship), gather around the coffee table and chat before being called into session. The programs are highly varied, running from presentations by the pastor, by members, or groups and guest speakers.

The topics cover Bible study, theologies, Baptist history, debates on topics of the day (such as, the Israeli-Palestinian issue), comparative religion, issues of concern to the life of the church, issues in the community (such as, children’s poverty and health, political ethics, casino gambling, same-sex marriage). Those invited in the last couple of years have included the mayor of Providence, the superintendent of schools of Providence, one of Rhode Island’s Congressmen, a state representative, the president of Brown University, the president of Andover Newton Theological School, the president of Colgate-Rochester-Crozier Divinity School, music by the Prism of Praise, speakers on prison ministries, several speakers on poverty and hunger, visiting American Baptist missionaries.

Forum Schedule

  • September 28 – World Mission
  • October 5 – Author Fred Womack will share with us about his book, Kim: A Dying Child’s Spiritual Legacy
  • October 12 – Meet Tom