Bad news: Some time in the small hours of Saturday morning, someone hit the steps on the Thomas St side of the church with their car.
Good news: The driver was not seriously injured.
Bad news: The driver did not have insurance.
Good news: All the other doors work just fine; the church is structurally sound. See you for Christian Ed at 10 and service at 11! The Christmas Eve service will be held as usual on Saturday, December 24. The prelude begins at 7:30 PM; the worship service begins at 8 PM

These steps were added when the basement was created in the mid-1800s. Following the accident, historical architects and contractors were called in to assess the damage. They numbered the pieces and carefully removed them to a warehouse to await the rebuilding. Each step was a piece of brownstone. Because brownstone is no longer available, the contractor will attempt to mend the broken pieces so they can be reinstalled.

If you would like to help with the repairs, contributions can be made using the donate button. Thank you for your support.

Thomas Street Stairs

The destruction and repair of the Thomas Street stairs.

[img src=]1090The accident - Dec. 3, 2016
[img src=]920The Stairs
[img src=]770The stairs from the side
[img src=]760The stairs from underneath
[img src=]720Crane removing pieces
[img src=]620Brownstone numbered to aid the reassembly.
[img src=]600Stairs removed looking towards Thomas Street
[img src=]650Stairs removed from side
[img src=]570Stairs removed looking toward building from Thomas Street

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