The America for Christ Offering is one of the four annual American Baptist USA offerings. It the American Baptist response to the needs of home missions; therefore, the money donated goes directly to projects here in the United States. Gifts are channeled through National Ministries and Regional Ministries to fund home mission, education and local community ministries.

Here is a sampling of the efforts that are supported through your donations:

1. Children in Poverty
2. Neighborhood Action Programs
 (including South Providence Neighborhood Ministries)
3. Chaplaincy Programs
4. Volunteer Ministries
5. Student Campus Ministries
6. Refugee Resettlement Initiatives (e.g., Burmese)
7. Immigration Concerns and Advocacy

We will be collecting throughout the month of March. Inserts in the weekly bulletin will provide more information about the offering and America For Christ envelopes in the pews will make it easy to donate.

Thank you for considering this important work of American Baptists USA.

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