The church is directly involved in outreach through a number of local organizations and agencies.

1. We were a founding member and continuing supporter of the Providence In-Town Churches Association (PICA) in the downtown Providence area, which operates a food bank, a clothing bank, special ministries to some of the low-rent high-rise apartments, etc. On the fourth Sunday of each month members bring non-perishable food for the food pantry of PICA.

2. The South Providence Neighborhood Ministries (SPNM) provides similar services in the South Providence neighborhood (less than two miles from our church). They also operate an afterschool program and a summer camp for elementary children in the neighborhood of largely immigrant families.

3. Canonicus Camp and Conference Center is a Baptist facility in Exeter, RI. We provide “camperships” for our children to attend summer camps there, and the church contributed to the major building campaign which allowed them to extend year-round opportunities for retreats and conferences. Our church has held its annual all-church retreat there at least twice in recent years.

4. The John Clarke Retirement Center in Middletown, RI is a Baptist-affiliated facility. One member is a resident, and we actively support her by visiting her and other residents. One of our members is currently on the board of directors of the center, and another has served as treasurer.

5. Our church has strongly supported the four annual offerings of ABCUSA (America for Christ, One Great Hour of Sharing, International Ministries and Retired Ministers and Missionaries) and has provided direct financial contribution to other Baptist-related institutions, such as Andover-Newton Theological School,Colgate-Rochester-Crozier Divinity School and GreenLake Conference Center.

6. Each month we take part in Amnesty International’s “Urgent Action” letter-writing appeal.

7. Every two years we send a group to The Good Samaritan Hospital in LaRomana, Dominican Republic for a one week mission trip. This mission project helps the Haitians living on the bateys surrounding LaRomana. Construction continues on the hospital, medical clinics visit the people in the bateys, and water filters are being built and delivered to the homes to provide clean water. We will return to LaRomana in January 2015 for a week.

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