And the Sign Says…

“You don’t have to have a membership card to get inside.” For those who don’t care to come inside, we have the church sign. Hopefully it will be taken seriously, though not always literally. Guaranteed to make you think, help you laugh, and sometimes, make you mad. Course we’d prefer that you come inside!

And the sign says

See some of the signs that greet all at the corner of North Main and Waterman Street.

[img src=]680
[img src=]540
[img src=]400
[img src=]320
[img src=]320
[img src=]280
[img src=]230
[img src=]180
[img src=]130
[img src=]140
[img src=]3060
[img src=]2560
[img src=]2240
[img src=]1771
[img src=]1530
[img src=]3070
[img src=]2650
[img src=]3450
[img src=]2890
[img src=]2590
[img src=]2290
[img src=]2060
[img src=]1960
[img src=]1820
[img src=]3250
[img src=]2930
[img src=]2630
[img src=]2280
[img src=]2130
[img src=]2080
[img src=]3320
[img src=]1790
[img src=]2810
[img src=]3130
[img src=]2820
[img src=]3260
[img src=]3150
[img src=]2880
[img src=]2760
[img src=]2480
[img src=]2460
[img src=]2360
[img src=]2250
[img src=]2240
[img src=]4110
[img src=]4000
[img src=]3701
[img src=]4570
[img src=]4250
[img src=]4900
[img src=]5730
[img src=]5540
[img src=]4320
[img src=]4762
[img src=]4340
[img src=]4080
[img src=]5260
[img src=]5160
[img src=]5060
[img src=]3170
[img src=]4740
[img src=]4510
[img src=]4370
[img src=]4651
[img src=]4430
[img src=]4431
[img src=]4521
[img src=]4611
[img src=]4411
[img src=]4241
[img src=]4270
[img src=]3911
[img src=]3970
[img src=]3930
[img src=]3910
[img src=]3810
[img src=]3680
[img src=]3571
[img src=]3510
[img src=]3421
[img src=]3301
[img src=]3450
[img src=]3280
[img src=]2981
[img src=]2911
[img src=]2881
[img src=]2680
[img src=]2660
[img src=]2641
[img src=]2551
[img src=]2490
[img src=]2401
[img src=]2451
[img src=]2280
[img src=]2420
[img src=]2301
[img src=]2411
[img src=]2240
[img src=]2251
[img src=]2151
[img src=]2271
[img src=]2171
[img src=]2141
[img src=]2121
[img src=]2211
[img src=]2161
[img src=]2121
[img src=]2021
[img src=]1981
[img src=]1931
[img src=]1851
[img src=]1771
[img src=]1821
[img src=]1761
[img src=]1770
[img src=]1731
[img src=]1721
[img src=]1701
[img src=]1781
[img src=]1651
[img src=]1671
[img src=]1580
[img src=]1710
[img src=]1671
[img src=]1651
[img src=]1461
[img src=]1591
[img src=]1581
[img src=]1571
[img src=]1631
[img src=]1540
[img src=]1580
[img src=]1501
[img src=]1570
[img src=]1441
[img src=]1461
[img src=]1431
[img src=]1480
[img src=]1380
[img src=]1481
[img src=]1560
[img src=]1391
[img src=]1561
[img src=]1570
[img src=]1511
[img src=]1381
[img src=]1471
[img src=]1451
[img src=]1441
[img src=]1451
[img src=]1431
[img src=]1371
[img src=]1391
[img src=]1441
[img src=]1431
[img src=]1571
[img src=]1450
[img src=]1550
[img src=]1570

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