First, you must complete a Use of the Meeting House Application, a $200 non-refundable deposit must accompany the application for reservation of the date, which will be reviewed by the Properties and Sexton Committee at its monthly meeting. The Committee, in consultation with the minister, will decide on your request. You will be notified by letter of their decision within one or two days following their meeting. Of course, you are welcome to call the church office for verbal confirmation. The date you choose will be “penciled” in on the church calendar. Members of the church do not pay a fee for the use of the Meeting House. For non-members, the fees vary according to your time and space requirements.

Policies and Procedures for Weddings (50KB pdf)

Use of Meeting House Form for Weddings (12KB pdf)

Use of Meeting House General Form (12KB pdf)

For more information, please contact Holly Edwards at the church office by email or phone, 454-3418.