Worship and Music

Worship at First Baptist, offered at 11:00 AM the second Sunday in September through May, and at 10:00 AM, June through Labor Day is our best effort to connect people with God. It features quality music with a blend of contemporary and traditional pieces and biblical preaching. Texts follow the Christian Calendar.

The context for worship is the inspiring sanctuary of the Meeting House, the oldest congregation in Rhode Island and the first Baptist Church in America. Communion is on the first Sunday of each month. “We reserve the right to accept everybody.”

3 Responses to Worship and Music

  1. Susan Langwith says:

    Hello, I am a long time American Baptist and member of First Baptist Church
    of Greater Des Moines, Johnston, Iowa. I was on the building committee and helped determine the architecture to reflect the heritage of our mother church, First Baptist Church of Providence, Rhode Island.
    One of my most treasured memories was sitting inside the pews of First Baptist in Providence when I was a little girl with my Aunt, who dearly loved her church in a small town in Illinois. Some of my relatives helped established First Baptist Church of Deer Creek, Illinois in the 1860′s.
    The reason for my writing to you is to ask for some interior pictures of First Baptist.
    I have recently joined the worship committee and I was asked to serve on the decorating committee among other responsibilites. While we have had faithful and dedicated members of this committee, their vision of decorating is not representative of the Colonial nature of our church. Our steeple is used in many publications in the town of Johnston and greater Des Moines. We are a beacon to the community.
    As I serve I would like to gradually upgrade the dollar store arrangments on the ledges of the arced windows of the sancutary, and would like to educate our committee to our heritage and the need to reflect that in our decor. Of course I am
    hearing about the lack of funds and realize we must be prudent with our decisions. Our decor is very busy as if we are decorating our homes with every space covered by some arrangement.
    I would appreciate any help that you might be able to give our committee. We have just ordained a new pastor and this would be a good time to approach some new and different ideas.
    Thank you for your response,
    Susan R. Langwith
    [email protected]

  2. PastorDan says:

    OK I’ll have to look for something.

  3. PastorDan says:

    I have 3 I can send, please send me your email.

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